Help your Car Dealership or motor trade business stand out from the competition with our great range of highly-visible portable flags. Each of our designs is available in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes - each one guaranteed to grab the attention of passing motorists.

Car Dealers flags might not be an everyday purchase for most people but when you require custom flags it would be nice to know that you are dealing with the UK's No1 flag makers, and we manufacture here in the UK.

Our flags are printed on high quality materials with some of the most advanced printing equipment available.

In a competitive market, our flags will draw passing cars to YOUR Car Dealers first!

Our Car Dealers flags are for outdoor use - our super-strong sectional poles are fabricated from aluminium with a fibreglass end-section to create the bending effect. This allows for full display of the printed area even when there is no breeze. Each flag comes with a choice of bases included in the price.

If you cannot see what you are looking for we will happily make a Car Dealers flag for you to your custom design at not much extra cost. Add your phone number - website - opening hours - special offers etc

carwash sailflags carwash teardrop flags carwash featherflags

Each one of our preprinted advertising flag designs is offered in three shapes
(sail, feather and teardrop)

free patio base with our carwash flags free ground spike with our carwash flags free car foot with our carwash flags Complete set of bases and carrybag with our carwash flags

Each flag comes with a free base! Choose from car foot, patio base for flat surfaces or ground spike for earth, sand etc.

For only £20 extra, get patio base, ground spike, plus a steel crossbase with waterweight for extra stability and a sturdy carrybag! And don't forget our great-value adjustable extension pole for up 2.5m more height - visit our Accessories page to add one to your shopping cart!

Sail Flag shape is available in one size only
(but pole is telescopic adjustable height):

Printable area: 66cm x 184cm Max height with pole: 3.0m

Feather Flags are available in four sizes:

Printable area: 55cm x 200cm Max height with pole: 2.5m

Printable area: 60cm x 260cm Max height with pole: 3.1m

Printable area: 80cm x 340cm Max height with pole: 4.1m

Printable area: 80cm x 450cm Max height with pole: 4.5m

Teardrop Flags are available in four sizes:

Printable area: 75cm x 170cm Max height with pole: 2.2m

Printable area: 95cm x 200cm Max height with pole: 2.55m

Printable area: 110cm x 265cm Max height with pole: 3.35m

Printable area: 120cm x 360cm Max height with pole: 4.3m

Want your own name, prices or promotions on the flags?
Call or email us for pricing on custom items!